The Spring Gathering 2022


We’ve enjoyed some wonderful places in such great company over the years on our Gathering events, and the same was true of last weekends Spring Gathering.

It wasn’t the turnout that we’ve come to expect from our ever faithful clan, (We’re looking at you Tony Clare!) however, it was an exceptional weekend spent riding bikes in truly sensational other-worldly places.

We’d decided to revisit Machynlleth in Wales where our very first Gathering took place but with a very different route curated by the master in chief himself, Matt Ryan. 195 miles and with over 18,000ft of climbing it was a route of breathtaking quality, both visually and literally. Having a small group meant the distance over the two days was a manageable feat and having spent more time organising bike rides than actually riding them, was a welcome break for both Matt and I.

Having battled the early mornings hail showers that threatened to derail our fun, the sun shone on wet roads and what breeze there was gently faded as we enjoyed wales in all her glory, the route providing the smiles while Paul Wainwright providing the wheel.

Not only were we treated to a tantalising route, we were afforded the opportunity to try and test the brand new and improved Restrap Race Range as seen here against the beautiful backdrop of Barmouth and the Llyn Peninsular.

We’ve come a long way since that very first Gathering and I think it’s fair to say, so have our Race Partners. This new range from Restrap is really something else and we’re seriously impressed with the development over the years, I mean pockets for holding Welsh cakes!! What will they think of next?!

A long day in the saddle will always been rewarded with an evening enjoying a few cold refreshments and the Spring Gathering would be no different. Once we’d settled into our amazing accommodation (you really must join us sometime if you want to know more) we readied ourselves and went to grab some much needed food, the air was cooling and our bellies rumbling.

A decent nights sleep meant we awoke feeling refreshed and ready for the return trip to Llandudno, a day spent riding with our cameras left firmly inside our pockets. (mainly due to the fact i was hanging onto to those wheels ahead of me for dear life)

With our plan of hosting pre and post race Gathering events set to continue, we hope to see you lovely lot on the next one

Check out the full ride on our Komoot profile here