Restrap Solstice Century


Make the most of the dwindling light and ride 100 miles within the solstice weekend.

Back for its second edition the Restrap Winter Solstice Century provides a challenge for those brave enough to embrace that cold air, those chilly winds and those beautiful crystal clear skies in order to complete the task. You can attempt it in one go or spread it over the weekend, the choice is yours.

Having woken up much later than planned and with a rather large hangover, this years century ride was going to be the toughest one yet. The skies outside were heavy and grey, their weight felt on my weary head plunging my motivation to a depth beyond sight.

Still, I dragged my spaghetti legs out to the bike I’d pre-loaded the day before and loaded my route onto my Garmin before disappearing into the gloom.

The low lying clouds stood still and enveloped the plains of cheshire prohibiting any rise in temperature making for tough riding conditions but I was sure that heading across the welsh border and into the mountains would allow me the escape into blue skies and warmer air that I craved so badly, what I hadn’t realised was just how beautiful that escape would be.

The clouds left beneath me, parted ways to a winter wonderland of utter magnificence and provided the path forward for a ride that would live long in the memory and remind me that no matter what, cycling can show you the beauty in those winter days when light is at a premium.

Thanks Restrap for the motivation to get out and ride, the Solstice Century can consider itself a permanent fixture in our calendar. See you on the next one.

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