New Territory


The Pan Celtic Race 2023 Heads into New Territory

2023 will celebrate the fourth edition of the Pan Celtic Race and the first race to start in Continental Europe, setting off from St Malo in the Celtic nation of Brittany. Home to over 1100km of rugged coastline Brittany enjoys a strong identity. The route shall take riders to exciting areas steeped in both Celtic culture and cycling history.

The PCR team also wish to increase rider inclusivity. Inspired by the adaptive cyclist and Paralympian Mel Nichols, who participated in the 2022 edition on her impressive handcycle, the Pan Celtic organisers have created a new classification for adaptive bikes thus becoming the first self- supported ultra-endurance bike race to welcome riders with Physical Impairment.

Race Chief and co-founder, Matt Ryan explains:
"Inclusivity is a term that is frequently included in the marketing around sporting events but what does it actually mean in practice? For us in the Pan Celtic, inclusivity means access to everyone. We want anyone, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, orientation or physical ability, to be able to join our expanding Clan. To be able to experience first-hand; the magic, the highs, the lows and the bonds of friendship that come from taking part. 2023 will be the year the battery and hands will join the legs as a means to power a bike".

Maintaining the PCR founding principles of self-sufficiency, adaptive cyclists will be able to choose to ride solo or in a pair with another cyclist or para-cyclist.

The organisers have also recognised that people are increasingly adopting e-Bikes to extend their participation and passion for cycling. Their use of e-Bikes may have come about due to a physical injury or advancing years. Therefore the race will also include a new classification to include e-Bike riders.

Each method of propulsion brings with it advantages and disadvantages, which the riders will have to carefully manage in order to succeed in reaching the finish in North Wales.

Matt further adds:
"Make no mistake, riding the Pan Celtic is no easy task. Doing so on an adapted bicycle is a massive challenge but one that isn't impossible. Watching Mel this year and seeing her grit, determination and steel, convinced me that there are people out there hungry for this type of adventure"

The 2023 edition of the Pan Celtic Race starts in St Malo on the 2nd July. Entries open on the 2nd December 2022 at 19.00hrs GMT. Further information can be found at or by contacting